Many Australians have benefited from dental implants, with the dental implant market expected to reach $136 million in 2027. The advantages of dental implants include longevity, comfort, and their natural look and feel. They are also low maintenance because you can clean them just like your natural teeth. 

People often wonder how much dental implants cost. According to the Australian Dental Board, a dental implant cost can range from $3,000 to $7,000. For more information about the dental implant cost and why implants are a worthwhile investment, you can get a free consultation at your local clinic


What Does the Dental Implant Cost Include?

Since every patient’s dental implant treatment is unique, your dentist will evaluate your oral health and jawbone during your consultation to ensure they are strong enough to support a dental implant. They can answer your question about the dental implants’ cost during your appointment based on several factors. 



  • Additional procedures

Other oral procedures can raise the overall dental implants cost. If the tooth needs to be replaced but has not fallen out yet, the dentist will have to remove it first, which is a separate procedure. You may need a bone grafting procedure or a sinus lift if your jawbone cannot support a dental implant. This helps stimulate the growth of bone tissue to support the implant.

You may need gum disease treatment if you have signs of gum disease. Moderate-to-severe gum disease can cause bone loss, affecting the success of dental implants.


  • Dental implant technology 


Getting all the steps of your dental implant treatment at our dental clinic can save time and money on how much your dental implants cost. Before you undergo your dental implant treatment, our dentists can plan your dental implant insertion using computer-assisted methods. 

Because of our minimally invasive dental implant treatment process, the flapless implant procedure only takes about 20 minutes. We also work with brands like Nobel and Osstem to provide complete dental implant solutions. 


  • Number of implants

You will experience an increase in your dental implants’ cost based on the state of your oral health and how many implants you require. A single implant may be enough to replace a single tooth, but replacing multiple teeth may require several implants.


  • Clinic location

How much dental implants cost may vary depending on the location of the dental clinic. The clinic’s overhead and the dentist’s experience can also affect the overall price. 


Dental Implants Cost: What Are My Payment Options?

Melbourne Dental ImplantsAlthough dental implants are an out-of-pocket procedure, there are several ways to lower costs. With the National Dental Plan and ZipPay, we offer several flexible payment plans to help patients spread their total dental implant cost over several weeks or months. 

The Australian government’s Early Release of Superannuation program may help you pay for the dental implants cost. Upon approval of your application, you can use your superannuation to access treatment on compassionate grounds. Our chosen provider, SuperCare, can help you streamline the application process so you can afford your dental implant treatment.


Invest in a Long-Term Dental Implant Treatment Solution

When you work with a dentist that offers a free consultation, they can advise you regarding the dental implant cost based on your specific circumstances. Call us on (02) 9159 6163 for a free dental consultation near you or request an appointment online right now.



Note: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.




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