The biggest misconception with dental fillings is that they are permanent. Although dental fillings can last for several years, they are subject to wear and can weaken over time if not properly cared for. Many patients wonder how long do tooth fillings last after receiving them. Besides attending regular dental checkups and maintaining a good oral hygiene routine, the type of tooth fillings has a considerable impact on its longevity.


Types of Fillings: Modern Dentistry

Numerous types of fillings are available depending on the tooth that requires repair and your bite. Many people opt for mercury-free composite resin dental fillings as a modern, aesthetically pleasing option to restore their smile.


Composite Resin Fillings

Mercury-free composite resin fillings are a preferable alternative to traditional metallic fillings in many ways. Unlike gold or silver amalgam types of fillings, temperature variations do not affect composite fillings leading to a more pleasant eating and drinking experience. 

White composite fillings are also more natural in appearance, making them ideal for fixing your social six front teeth that are visible when you smile. Unlike metallic fillings, composite resin blends in with your tooth colour for a seamless repair that lasts. 

Another advantage of composite resin fillings is that they can be bonded directly to the tooth. When the cavity or crack is filled with the resin, the tooth becomes stronger. White composite fillings last roughly five to ten years, depending on which tooth they are in, how well you care for your teeth, and what you eat.


The Various Purposes of Dental Fillings

purposes how long do tooth fillings last gordonOne of the biggest benefits of white composite resin fillings is their seamless integration into your smile, so they can do more than simply repair cavities caused by decay. Dental fillings are used in various ways, including:

  • Repairing chipped teeth
  • Filling cavities caused by decay
  • Providing tooth protection
  • Replacing older silver amalgam fillings for aesthetic purposes 
  • Cosmetic purposes like altering a tooth shape

When used to repair decaying teeth, dental fillings keep bacteria from entering the cavity and causing further damage. Talk to your dentist about whether a composite resin filling is the right solution for your chipped, misshapen, or decaying tooth.


How Long do Dental Fillings Last?

While repairing your teeth with composite resin is often necessary, you may be wondering, do tooth fillings last? When cared for properly, fillings will last for years, if not decades. If your filling falls out, breaks, or leaks, you will need to book an appointment for a replacement.

 When it’s time to replace a filling, there could be noticeable symptoms, such as increased tooth sensitivity, acute discomfort while chewing, or feeling like something is stuck between your teeth.  There is also a chance you may not realise that your filling has deteriorated, which is why regular six-month checkups with your dentist are crucial.


Get Back Your Smile With Gordon Dental 

Don’t wait until your tooth filling breaks or your tooth hurts to seek treatment. Detecting and treating damaged tooth fillings early through regular checkups helps to reduce the need for expensive and time-consuming treatments.

Do tooth fillings last? That depends on the type of fillings you receive and how well you care for your teeth daily. You can find out more about types of fillings available and how long tooth fillings last when you meet with one of our dentists. 

The dental team at Gordon Family Dental is here to help you in achieving your ideal smile. To make an appointment, call us on (02) 9159 6163.


Note: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.


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