Kids Dentistry in Gordon – Your Child Deserves The Best!

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Kids Dentistry in Gordon – Your Child Deserves The Best!

Your kid’s dental health is important – call to schedule a consultation!
When it comes to kids dentistry, Gordon residents should know that we have a special interest in the dental welfare of children. As a team of general family dentists, we’re passionate about dental education and believe that reinforcing positive relationships with young children is the key that allows them to develop a better attitude to dental care and the preservation of oral health throughout life.

Conveniently located right in the heart of Gordon NSW, Gordon Family Dental is well-positioned and well-equipped to serve the needs of our youngest and most curious patients.

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Paediatric dentistry in Gordon – What Benefits Does Early Dental Care Offer?

As a family-centred dentist in Gordon NSW, we know that there are numerous benefits of getting your child to visit a dentist at an early age. They include:

  • Preventative assistance for early habits – Habits like thumb sucking and mouth breathing can cause dental problems later on in life. We can help you to prevent or stop the problem.
  • Providing protection for teeth – Preventative help in the form of fissure sealant treatment and fluoride protection are both effective in protecting developing teeth.
  • Education and learning – Teaching your child the importance of brushing and flossing regularly is key. We give you tips on how you can make it a fun thing to do for your child.
  • Overcoming dental fears and phobias – Dental fear can have a massive impact on a child’s oral health moving forwards. We use the latest gentle dental techniques to help children overcome their dental fear.

Kids Dentistry in Gordon – Why Choose Us?

Aside from having a fully equipped dental clinic suited to the treatment of both kids and adults alike, Dr Tegan Ryan, one of our experienced dentists, is great at engaging with kids. She understands the unique needs of children to ensure that your child’s first dental visit is a positive one.

In addition, we work hard to create an environment where your child will look forward to visiting time and time again. Of course, we’ll include that all-important ride in the dental chair which all kids love.

Perhaps more importantly, when it comes to paediatric dentistry in Gordon, all treatments are carried out in a gentle and compassionate manner just as we would treat our own children. Moreover, we take the time to explain each treatment or process in age-appropriate and positive terminology. This allows the child to anticipate the next instrument or sensation with minimal anxiety.

When it comes to kids dentistry in Gordon, you have a family-focused dentist right on your doorstep. Gordon Family Dental currently helps generations of the same family with their oral care, including first dental visits for babies and toddlers, orthodontics treatments for teens, and educational learning for new parents.

Why not make an appointment for your child and see for yourself. Call (02) 9159 6163 and start your youngest family member on their journey towards great oral health.


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