Dental Fillings and Restorations

Do I have a cavity?

The most common symptoms of tooth decay involve sensitivity to sweets or pressure. However, some cavities have no symptoms at all

Minimally invasive tooth-coloured fillings

Addressing tooth decay or broken fillings as early as possible helps us keep your treatments minimally invasive and preserve as much natural tooth structure as possible. Tooth-coloured composite dental fillings allow us to prepare less tooth surface and help rebuild the anatomy of the tooth, preserving your existing healthy enamel. Each composite filling is carefully matched to adjacent tooth enamel so that it blends in as naturally as possible, creating the appearance of a full, healthy tooth.

Another advantage of tooth-coloured fillings is that they bond directly to your enamel, allowing them to be placed in areas that traditional silver fillings cannot.

Many patients also elect to have their existing silver fillings replaced with aesthetically pleasing composite fillings. Over time, silver fillings can leak out and cause bluish-grey staining in your tooth enamel. Our Dentists can let you know if any of your silver fillings are approaching the age of breakdown.

Get Treatment As Soon as Possible

Waiting too long to have a tooth filled can cause advancement in tooth decay, fractures in the enamel, and permanent nerve damage to a tooth. If you think you have a cavity, schedule a visit with us right away so that we can treat it while it is as small as possible, protecting your tooth as well as your budget.