Teeth Whitening

Are you embarrassed to smile due to teeth stains and discolouration? Don’t hide your smile and personality anymore. Invest in teeth whitening and get the radiant, white, confident smile that you deserve.

What causes tooth stains?

Tooth stains and discolouration are very common and they are caused by many different factors, including:

  • Age
  • Tobacco use
  • Certain medications
  • Consumption of dark beverages like wine, tea and coffee
  • Consumption of dark foods and staining foods
  • Trauma to the tooth

Why you should consider professional teeth whitening

Tooth whitening is a safe, simple and effective method of getting that whiter, brighter smile. You should consider getting your teeth professionally whitened by the experienced dentists at Gordon Family Dental. We offer the Zoom! Teeth Whitening system for both in-office and take-home procedures.

When you choose professional teeth whitening, you get the benefits of a quicker, more thorough and more effective procedure. The results are designed especially for you to provide the shade of white that best matches your complexion. In addition, professional whitening gives you long-lasting results and the safest procedure.

What is Zoom teeth whitening?

The Zoom! system can give you up to 8 shades whiter teeth in just a single sitting:

  1. Your cosmetic dentist will examine your teeth to make sure you are a good candidate for the teeth whitening procedure, checking for things like gum disease or loose fillings. During this time, we can also discuss your desired outcome.
  2. Then the dentist will use a gel to protect your gums, lips and other areas, leaving only your teeth exposed.
  3. Next, a hydrogen peroxide-based gel will be applied to the teeth.
  4. The dentist will use LED or gas plasma light on the gelled teeth. This activates the whitening process and enhances the effect. This is safe and produces amazing results.
  5. The process takes about an hour in total and your dentist may choose to apply the whitener twice or more, depending on the condition of the teeth and your sensitivity.

Teeth whitening is becoming an increasingly popular, non-invasive cosmetic treatment for patients who want to improve the whiteness of their teeth. At Gordon Family Dental, we provide excellent whitening treatment at an affordable price.

Contact us today to discuss your teeth whitening options.