Gordon Family Dental uses innovative technology from respected brands including BriteSmile tooth whitening, CEREC single visit dentistry, Invisalign and Somnomed sleep appliances. Each of these products is chosen with our patient’s comfort and health in mind. We research each of the products we implement in our practice, allowing us to be completely happy with the result they are going to achieve. 

Zoom Tooth whitening

Offering a solution to our patients that whitens their teeth in just one hour. Zoom has a fantastic track record with amazing results. We have been using Zoom in our practice since 2013 and have been extremely delighted with our patient’s experiences. A safe and tested solution to brighten teeth by up to 8 shades. Zoom is the whitening solution of choice for our dental practices. 


Revolutionising the length of time taken to place a new porcelain crown, the CEREC machine allows us to measure, create and fit a porcelain restoration in just one visit. Offering computerised monitoring and 3D imagery to create the restoration, CEREC has added the edge to our experience in this area of dentistry. 


Orthodontics is no longer considered a child only treatment as many adults are finding they can benefit from this same treatment. As adults, we are much more conscious of our image therefore Invisalign has created orthodontic appliances that are invisible when you smile. Cleverly designed to work as effectively as the metal braces you may have seen, the Invisalign appliance is practically… invisible! 

Somnomed sleep appliances

With so many people suffering from snoring and more seriously, sleep apnoea, we believed it important to offer a solution to our patients. A dental appliance that helps suffers open the airway during sleep means that noisy, restless, even deadly night’s sleep is a thing of the past.

A Healthy smile is just a click away.