Teeth Grinding Treatment in Gordon NSW – How We Can Help

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Teeth Grinding Treatment

Teeth Grinding Treatment in Gordon NSW – How We Can Help

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Do you or a loved one suffer from teeth grinding? Do you frequently experience extreme dental sensitivity or jaw pain due to the condition? Is the appearance of your smile deteriorating week by week? If so, our Gordon Family Dental team can help!

We provide modern teeth grinding treatment in Gordon that tackles its immediate effects. Give our experienced dentists a call today on 02 9159 6163 and book a consultation.

Teeth Grinding

Teeth Grinding in Gordon – Definition, Causes and Symptoms

Teeth grinding, or bruxism, is the involuntary and habitual grinding of teeth. Although it can occur during the day, many people experience this problem during sleep. For this reason, many people are largely unaware of it until they visit the dentist for a general check-up or start experiencing jaw pain or extreme dental sensitivity. There are a number of factors that can cause teeth grinding that Gordon residents should know.

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They include:

  • Anxiety or stress
  • Substance abuse
  • Improper bite function (malocclusion)
  • Anger and frustration
  • Neurological problems, and
  • Sleep apnoea

Although bruxism sufferers may be affected by several or more of these triggers, classic symptoms of teeth grinding include:

  • Facial and ear pain
  • Frequent headaches
  • Temporomandibular joint pain/disorder
  • Extreme teeth sensitivity
  • Facial muscle stiffness, and
  • Severely worn fractured or damaged teeth

How can Gordon Family Dental’s teeth grinding treatment help?

Custom treatment options
At Gordon Family Dental, we understand that it is vital to determine the causes of your teeth grinding to formulate effective and tailored treatment plans. During a consultation, we’ll discuss factors like your medical history and lifestyle choices to ascertain which triggers may be causing your teeth grinding. From this, we can create a customised treatment plan based around those needs.

Custom-fabricated appliances
We can provide you with custom-fabricated nightguards. Gordon patients wear them over the teeth, like a mouthguard, at night. They are lightweight and comfortable, but strong enough to protect the teeth against the effects of bruxism.

Restorative dental treatments
Gordon Family Dental can also provide a series of restorative dental treatments for patients, including dental crowns, fillings/onlays, or root canal treatment.

Bruxism treatment – Helping us to help you!

In order for us to assist with problems like teeth grinding, patients can help by letting us know if they suffer from triggers, such as anxiety,stress or anger or substance/alcohol issues. As a compassionate, friendly dentist, you can trust that everything you entrust to your Gordon Family Dental practitioners will be strictly confidential.

Alternatively, if your teeth grinding problem is a lifestyle issue, you may be able to help yourself by cutting down on alcohol, tobacco, and even caffeine. You can also practice relaxation techniques where necessary. These factors, along with our tailored treatments, can go a long way towards helping you put an end to your teeth grinding once and for all.

To find out more about teeth grinding treatment, call Gordon Family Dental today.


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